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3 Amazon apps all shoppers need

Ever since Amazon created Alexa, the digital assistant inside their smart speakers, she’s been stealing the show. She has a special app (Amazon Alexa) that lets you take control of Amazon Echos, Echo Dots, and Amazon Taps. She can order your coffee, start your car, and follow a numerous amount of other commands.  

Alexa is so popular and useful that it can be easy to forget that Amazon has lots of other apps! Here’s a list of free apps developed by Amazon that you’ll appreciate, especially if you love online shopping.

Amazon App


Let’s start with the most obvious – the Amazon app! Before they created smart speakers, original programming and so much more, there was It all started with the website and this app is the mobile version of it. Use this app to search for products, read customer reviews, and purchase items. Sign into your account through the app so that your payment information and shipping address is already filled in. 

Click the title of each app store for download links:   iTunes Store     Google Play     Microsoft Store


This one is for the book lovers. Amazon created Kindles, which are tablets specifically designed for reading eBooks. Then they expanded their reach so that you no longer need a Kindle to read eBooks. Use this app to download books, magazines, and newspapers to your phone or tablet so you can read on the go. It includes reading tools that let you highlight and save text, provide definitions, and remember where you left off when you switch to another device.

Click the title of each app store for download links:   iTunes Store     Google Play     Microsoft Store

Amazon Prime Video

Movie buffs, I didn’t forget about you! Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service where you can download movies, TV shows, and content from certain channels. Use the app to watch programs on your phone or tablet. Create a watchlist to keep track of things you want to view later. You can also read movie trivia and information about your favorite actors because it links to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). 

Click the title of each app store for download links:   iTunes Store     Google Play

Bonus – Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Like the Alexa app, this program enhances your experience with an Amazon device. You use the Fire TV Remote app to control a Fire TV, which is a box you connect to your TV to get access to video streaming services, apps, music, and games. Use this app to search for programs with your voice; simply speak into your device’s microphone. It also makes typing an entry into the search bar easier because you can use your phone or tablet’s keyboard.

Click the title of each app store for download links: iTunes Store    Google Play

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