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Remove programs from your computer safely and easily

Remove programs from your computer safely and easily

Everything on your computer takes up space, even the small things. Every program you install uses up those precious bytes.

You only have a finite amount of space, and when you start to fill it up, your computer will slow down noticeably. You'll probably find that out when your computer displays a warning as your hard drive space dips below 100GB.

Keeping your computer above this limit is really important. Think about how hard it is to navigate around a cramped, cluttered house - hard drives work pretty much the same way.

BonusNeed to find out what's taking up space on your hard drive? This download will do the trick.

Your first step to declutter your hard drive is to uninstall programs.

Sure, that clears up space on your computer, but you may not realize that just clicking the "uninstall" button often leaves random leftover chunks of data lying around on your PC.

Geek Uninstaller

What you need is Geek Uninstaller. The name, I think, was probably inspired by the fact that only geeks know where all of these spare files must be stored.

Geek Uninstaller is a simple executable file that you can copy to a flash drive to use on any of your computers. Don't let the computer lingo worry you, it's a simple file remover that gets rid of programs and the mess they leave behind.

The program will display a window with a list of programs that have been downloaded to your computer. Right click on a program to bring up a list of options. The one you'll use most often is "Uninstall."

Geek Uninstaller will access the program's uninstall process and permanently remove it from your computer. But it also goes a step further and finds the crumbs and mess left behind that takes up more space than you know.

It will alert you about what was left behind and give you the option to erase it. I highly recommend that you erase the leftovers; it will save you a lot of space in the long run.

How to use Geek Uninstaller

To download Geek Uninstaller for free, go to the Geek Uninstaller download page using the button below. You can get the free version, which is for personal use and has no support, or get a free trial of Geek Uninstaller Pro, which as several added features. Pro will cost you from $24.95 for a lifetime license.

With the free version,  your download starts immediately. The free Pro trial sends you to another page to begin your download.

Geek Uninstaller is a zip file that will open and run the application.

Bonus: This free program will unzip compressed files with ease.

You can also choose to download the program to a USB drive for easy portability to any computer you use. It's a portable file, so you don't have to actually install it. You can even extract it to a USB drive for a truly portable experience.

When the file is finished downloading, open and extract the file by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Extract all." When the extraction is complete, run the application.

Geek Uninstaller will compile a list of all your installed programs. All you have to do is double click to uninstall, or right-click and select "Uninstall."

If you want to uninstall a program that doesn't show up in the list, you can click on the white bar at the bottom of the window and type in the name of the program.

There's also a "Force Uninstall" option for those really sticky programs that other software can't remove.

How to tell it’s time to get a new computer

How do you know when it’s time to kiss your old computer goodbye and welcome a new system into your life? You can start by trying to clean up your system with some software-based housekeeping tools, but ultimately, even high-end computers will reach the end of their usable lifespan.

Tap or click to find out when to make that purchase.

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