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The faster, easier way to copy your files

The faster, easier way to copy your files
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Copying and pasting files is one of the bread-and-butter functions of your computer's operating system. Without it, you couldn't organize files, save them to a CD or DVD, transfer files to your computer from a camera or external drive, or move files to a USB drive.

Strangely, Windows' built-in copy system isn't that good. It can take forever to move large amounts of files, and if you're planning on rearranging all those photos you have stored, you can kiss your day goodbye. Plus, if one file has a problem, the entire process comes to a screeching halt.

That means you have to sit at your computer for hours to make sure the transfer works, and who has time for that?

Copying is so basic that you might assume there's no other way of doing it. Fortunately, there's an alternative to Windows' built-in copy-and-paste utility.

What you need is a program called TeraCopy. It can speed up file transfers and cut down on copy errors. TeraCopy is faster because it copies different bits of info at different speeds, and dynamically adjusts data rates to reduce wait times.

Plus, it lets you pause and resume transfers in case you need to use your computer for something else. If you have an error or run into a bad file during the process, TeraCopy can retry the file automatically, or skip it if it just doesn't work.

In either case, it finishes the rest of the transfer and lets you know about failed files. No more returning to your computer after a few hours to find that the whole transfer stopped.

The best part is that TeraCopy integrates with Windows. You can copy and paste files like normal and it will take over automatically. There's nothing new to learn.

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