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A powerful tool for better, faster Wi-Fi

A powerful tool for better, faster Wi-Fi
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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You're in your bedroom surfing the web on your laptop or tablet, when it slows way down, maybe not even loading anything at all.

You're suddenly staring at a frozen Netflix movie you were streaming or the website you were on is locked up.

It's incredibly frustrating. Before you restart your router or go spend money on a new one, however, there is a better solution. One very common cause of Wi-Fi problems is the Wi-Fi itself.

That's right, it could just be your neighbors' Wi-Fi networks are interfering with yours. That happens when too many routers are using the same channel. How can you tell if there are too many routers on the same channel near you? With this handy, free download.

It's called Vistumbler and it sniffs out those other routers. It lets you see every network in your area. Vistumbler shows the network name, signal strength, frequency and more useful info.

Vistumbler can even show you where the routers are located. You can also see at a glance what channels the networks are using, which is what you need to know if you suspect your neighbor's Wi-Fi is interfering with yours.

That allows you to set your router to a channel that isn't in use, or lightly used.

Download instructions

To download the program, click on the Vistumbler link below. Click on "EXE Installer" just above the orange "Donate" button.

Your download should begin immediately. When the download is complete, open and follow the simple step-by-step installation instructions.

Note: When the program opens, click the pink Scan APs button.

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