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Smart motion detection for your webcam

Smart motion detection for your webcam
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Unfortunately, even if you're the most eagle-eyes person around, you can't be everywhere watching everything at once. It's just not physically possible. But rest easy, there's an easier way to monitor everything.

A webcam is a great tool for monitoring an area. Perhaps things have been disappearing from a storeroom at work. Maybe someone's been rummaging through your mailbox. You can have your webcam "watch" the area of concern for you.

On the other hand, setting your webcam to record video continuously doesn't make sense. It would take up a huge amount of hard drive space and reviewing it would be a nightmare.

A better solution is to use motion detection so your webcam records only when it senses movement. But it would really expensive to rig up something like that, right? Not if you have this free program.

Some webcams have a motion detection feature built in, but none of them do it like Sighthound. This program works with most webcams and IP cameras. Sighthound will record video when motion is detected, but it goes a step further: It can tell the difference between people and inanimate objects.

That's pretty smart! Plus, it makes reviewing the video a snap. You can set rules to filter recorded clips so you only watch clips with people in them. You can even select a specific region of the video to monitor, like a door.

Then only watch clips where people move through that area. This saves time and makes it easy to find exactly what you need to see.

Sighthound can also be customized to send alerts to your email inbox. If someone passes through an off-limits area, you will know about it as soon as it happens.

Download Instructions

To download the program, navigate to the Sighthound homepage and click on the orange "Free Download" button. Use the starter edition and click on the green "Download Now" button.

You will need to supply your name and a working email address. If you don't feel comfortable giving your real email address, you can use a fake email address. Click here to learn more. 

You must validate your account before you can use Sighthound. Check your email account to validate your account, then you can sign in to Sighthound and get started converting your webcam to a security camera.

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