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Completely erase unwanted programs

Completely erase unwanted programs
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When you're cleaning up from making dinner or just tidying up the house, you probably like to make sure to get everything clean. Why would you leave even a bit of a mess when you're already in cleaning mode?

Unfortunately, Windows doesn't share that view on cleaning. When you uninstall programs, it often leaves bits and pieces of junk behind on your computer, such as empty folders, icons and registry entries.

These bits and pieces can build up over time and cause slowdowns and other problems. Fortunately, third-party programs like Revo Uninstaller can step in and help out. Revo Uninstaller cleans up all the crumbs, bits and bytes that other cleaning programs can leave behind.

When you open Revo, a list of all your programs will appear. This should remind you a little bit of Windows' stock Uninstall utility, and it works similarly to an extent.

When you click to uninstall something, Revo will ask how thoroughly you want to remove a program. The recommended setting is fine for basic users.

Revo will delete a program using the standard process, then look for any remnants in temporary folders or in the registry. Another useful feature is Hunter Mode. This will let you browse through your directory or Start Menu and delete anything using just one click.

Revo can also remove specific files and folders, browser history and recent documents from Microsoft Office.

It works on Windows XP through Windows 10 and Windows Server.

Download Instructions

To download the program, navigate to the Revo Uninstaller download page and scroll down until you see the bottom of the Freeware and Professional comparison chart. Click on the blue Freeware " Free Download" button on the left side of the column. Your download should begin immediately.

(If you don't need fancy features like multiple uninstalls, logs, and registry backups, then their free version is good enough for quick system clean-ups.)

When the download is complete, open and run the installation files. Be sure to read the License Agreement before continuing! Remember, you should always read the fine print before installing anything to your computer.

When the installation is complete, Revo Uninstaller will run automatically. From there, it's a simple matter of uninstalling unnecessary programs from your computer, and Revo will take care of the cleanup.

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