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10 essential apps for your new iPhone or iPad

Did you get a new iPhone or iPad this Christmas? If so, welcome to the Apple ecosystem! The iOS family of products are some of the most robust smart gadgets on the market, and are admired by millions of fans worldwide.

That said, knowing what apps to download can be difficult. As the world’s first digital app store for mobile products, the iOS App Store is filled to the brim with more programs than you can count. This includes poorly made and faulty software, too. Tap or click to learn what iOS apps to avoid.

But downloading the right apps to your brand new device is a joy unto itself. To help our readers with new iOS gadgets, we’ve put together a guide on the 10 best apps you can get for your iPad or iPhone. Ready to start downloading?

1. LastPass

Remembering passwords is hard enough as it is. Thankfully, you can upload them to password managers when the need arises. And when it comes to managers for iOS, LastPass is one of the best you can get. It’s encrypted for maximum security and works in tandem with your browser for easy logins.

2. Waze

Apple Maps is a useful default, but when it comes to live traffic data, it’s sometimes inaccurate. That’s where Waze comes in. This app crowdsources its data from other drivers just like you. Using this information, it paints the most accurate picture of real-time traffic you can get in an app. It can help you plan trips more efficiently, as well as find landmarks like gas stations and hotels.

3. Venmo

At some point in your digital life, you’ll probably need to exchange money or pay someone back. But as our society becomes increasingly cashless, what’s the right option? Digital payment apps are the hot new way to send and receive money, and Venmo is one of the most popular. It combines the backing and stability of PayPal, its parent company, with secure end-to-end encryption for all transactions.

4. TikTok

TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity to become the No. 1 app for teens and young people. But it’s not just for kids — there’s something fun for everyone on TikTok. Enjoy hilarious comedy, exciting musical numbers or just plain cringe-worthy performances from a massive global audience of content creators.

5. Unsplash

We’ve reported on the benefits of gorgeous free content from Unsplash, but you don’t need to be on a desktop to enjoy it. Now, Unsplash has a cool new app that can help you find the perfect graphic for your chats and social media. It’s also a great way to find desktop wallpapers to customize your phone.

6. Paprika Recipe Manager

Love to cook but don’t have room for a cookbook? Paprika will replace any and all recipe books you use, and features a clean interface that syncs between all your devices. Download, share and tweak recipes to your liking, and even print them on compatible printers.

7. Pokemon Go

Everybody knows Pokemon, and Pokemon Go is the biggest hit the franchise has ever seen. Players old and young can have fun tracking these colorful critters in the real world. And unlike traditional games, this one requires you to go outside and explore. It’s good for the brain and the body — and the kids will love it.

8. Tetris

From Russia with love, comes Tetris — back with a vengeance for your iPhone and iPad. The classic game is re-imagined with brilliant graphics and music that works perfect on screens of any size. Plus, you can even download the original classic Tetris theme for a nostalgia-fueled ride into 1980s goodness.

9. Microsoft Math Solver

Why didn’t we have this app when we were kids? Microsoft Math Solver will use your phone’s screen or camera to solve any math problems or equations you write down — and it’s powered by advanced character recognition software.

It’s super useful for quick calculations, but make sure the kids don’t find out about it; otherwise, they might not have actually earned that A+ in math.

10. Halide Camera

Voted the Best Camera App by iOS users and Apple itself, Halide Camera brings advanced shooting options to your phone that aren’t available anywhere else. Tweak things like exposure, color saturation and more in this breathtaking camera app for beginners and pros alike.

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