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This pint-sized smart printer is the future of sticky notes

No matter how much technology streamlines the world, there are some things that will never change around the workplace. Mondays will always be the worst. There will always be an office football pool. And no matter how many alerts we set on our gadgets, sticky notes will always be the best reminders.

A tiny, analog text that you can place anywhere — the concept is so simple and elegant, it might seem impossible to improve upon. And that’s where you’d be wrong, because the Cubinote Pro is here to bring the age-old concept of the sticky note into the wireless age.

In the simplest terms, the Cubinote Pro is a tiny, specialized printer that uses a special adhesive-backed paper. Of course, “specialized” implies it only does one thing, and we all know the uses for sticky notes are almost unlimited.

Just by taking the pen or pencil out of the equation, the paperweight-sized Cubinote is already an upgrade. It can receive print jobs directly from an app that you install on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. And this app lets you do a lot more than just type out your notes.

You can customize the font, draw your message freehand or do away with text altogether. Scribble a picture. Take a screenshot. Send a photo. The Cubinote can print it out on a 3 1/8″ sheet, ready for sticking up wherever the world needs to see it.

You can see how this makes collaboration a lot easier in brainstorming sessions, as members are able to not only map out their ideas in real space but have a digital copy to fall back on. It just lends itself to creativity, whether that’s sending personalized notes to coworkers or affirmations to yourself.

It gets better, though. Since the Cubinote uses a specially designed paper that responds to heat impressions, there’s no need to ever replace the ink. That paper also happens to be eco-friendly, BP-free and biodegradable, so you can feel that much better about filling your cubicle with tiny bits of art.

Right now, Komando readers can get their own Cubinote Pro Sticky Note Printer with three rolls of tri-color paper for 18% off the list price.

Prices subject to change.

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