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Mac users can sign or edit PDFs with this handy software

At times, it can seem like the internet is in a constant state of change. Still, there are a few things we’ve been able to rely on over the years. Pictures of your cat will get more “likes” than any selfie you take. The comments on any political story will be a train wreck. And when you get a document by email, it’s going to be a PDF.

PDF (or Portable Document Format) has been the default filetype for printed pages and documents for decades now. There are plenty of good reasons for that: PDFs don’t take up a lot of space, they’re searchable and they’re easily readable by anyone.

And for the most part, they generally can’t be altered. That’s great for legal documents or other files that need to protect against tampering. It’s also a royal pain when you get one you really need to adjust.

Even a simple signature usually means you have to print the document, sign it, scan it and save the file before you can send it back. But for Mac users, there’s a simple workaround: PDF Expert.

The program you’ve been waiting for

This breakthrough software was Apple’s choice for App of the Year in 2015, and it’s just as indispensable today. It opens up a whole new world for your PDFs by making them fully modifiable in ways you’ll be taking advantage of almost daily.

First and foremost, you can edit PDFs with it. Open a file in PDF Expert and you’ll be able to change or add text, add links, modify outlines, resize images and more. Found a simple typo? No more returning the file back to the sender. Need a quick signature on an important document? Just click, scribble and save.

You can also add annotations, a feature that’s just as useful for teachers as it is for collaborative workgroups. If you’ve got a particularly sensitive file, you can lock it down behind a password.

One underrated feature of PDF Expert is its ability to merge pages. If you’ve got multiple scanned pages to read, just open the program and view them there. You’ll be able to drag and drop the pages into order as a single, readable document.

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