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Stop overpaying! Use this free tool to get the best insurance rates

Presented by Gabi

Presented by Gabi

Take two minutes to go to and see how much you can save on your car and/or homeowner's insurance.

Now that we’ve spent so much time stuck at home these past few months, many of us have become online shopping experts. At this point, you probably know the most dependable websites to find high-demand items at the best prices.

Let’s face it, technology has made it easy to find the best deals on cars, hotels, flights and pretty much anything else in a matter of minutes. But what about insurance? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to compare all of the major insurance companies’ prices to know you’re not overpaying?

With Gabi, now you can. Gabi is a free tool that compares auto and home insurance rates across top providers and finds you the most affordable rate for your exact coverage.

Take two minutes now to go to and see how much you can save on your car and/or homeowner’s insurance.

How to save tons of money each year on insurance

Shopping for home and auto insurance can be a major headache. After you find a policy that works, you’re not likely come check back often to make sure that’s still the best rate out there — and insurance companies are betting on it.

But wouldn’t you actually do it if you knew it could save you hundreds of dollars every year? Of course, you would. We all would.

Before you break out the legal pads and start researching all the options yourself, take a look at Gabi. It’s an online comparison tool that can help you find a lower rate for the exact same insurance coverage you already have.

So, you’re probably wondering how it works. Glad you asked.

Gabi’s technology is able to do in minutes what it would normally take hours to do on your own. Using account credentials to your current insurance account (or a PDF of your policy declarations page), Gabi pulls up your insurance information and instantly compares your policy to quotes from more than 40 insurance companies to find you the best rate.

And it doesn’t just work for auto insurance. Gabi can search for car, home, renter’s, condo, landlord and umbrella insurance, too. It can also find discounts for bundling multiple types of insurance — so the more policies you connect or provide Gabi, the more potential savings it can find for you.

And it’s really free to use? How can this be true?

The savings isn’t only in your annual insurance costs. Gabi doesn’t cost you one penny to use. That’s right, Gabi does all the leg work for you and doesn’t charge you a fee for its services.

Usually, when you find a company that doesn’t charge you a fee, you’re the product. Meaning, the company is taking your personal information and selling it to marketing companies so they can provide you with targeted ads.

That’s not the case here. Gabi is a licensed insurance broker and gets paid by the insurance companies that it works with when it sells one of their policies. It is important to note that when Gabi presents your quotes, it will always recommend the cheapest policy — no matter what.

Not only will you never be charged fees by Gabi but there’s no obligation to move forward after you receive your quote comparison. No hassles, no fees, just huge savings. Since we know you’re wondering: Yes, Gabi is safe to use. The site will never sell your info.

Impressive results you can’t deny

Everyone is different, but Gabi is generally able to find savings for about two-thirds of its customers, with an average savings of $825 per year.

A few of us at Komando headquarters decided to put Gabi to the test and the results were impressive, to say the least. First up our graphic designer, Amber.

Amber’s current auto and home policies cost $3,649 annually combined. In a very quick search, Gabi was able to find the same coverage with two different providers for less than $1,900 annually. The best option will save her $1,772 a year. How’s that for exceeding expectations?

Next, Kim decided to check rates for her mother’s auto insurance through Gabi. You’re not going to believe the discount she was able to find. The last quote Kim got for her mom’s insurance was a whopping $4,000 a year. Yes, really.

Gabi found much better options. The best rate with the same coverage clocks in at $901 annually. Wow.

But sometimes you already are paying the best rate, and Gabi will tell you that too.

This is good news for the rest of us, too. Gabi won’t pull any shenanigans when it comes to finding you the best rate. If Gabi doesn’t find you savings, you can sit tight for now — it’ll simply congratulate you on already having the lowest rate.

Don’t just take our word for it. Let Gabi do a quick search for you and see what rates it can find. It really just takes a few minutes. What do you have to lose?

Go to and see how much you can save on your car and/or homeowner’s insurance.. If you save some money, pass it along to a friend!

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