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Make the most of your DSLR with this photography course

As ubiquitous as cell phone photography is these days, there’s still no substitute for a sturdy DSLR camera. If you’ve seen one in the hands of a professional, you know what we mean.

Still, it takes a lot more than equipment to make a photographer. A properly kitted-out DSLR brings a lot more tools to the table — but you have to know how to use them.

Short of an internship with a seasoned studio pro, the DSLR Photography Course Bundle is the best way for newbies to get that know-how. And since it’s an online course, you can work at your own pace. It offers lots of hands-on exercises that will get you building a portfolio in no time.

The bundle is divided into a beginner’s course and a more advanced look at digital photography. The beginners’ lessons establish a firm foundation with a look at composition from an artist’s point of view.

You’ll learn the same simple ratios and rules of thumb that make Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings shine can also turn your basic landscape into a panoramic vista.

But it’s hardly all about intangible info. You’ll get a complete anatomy breakdown of every feature on your camera so you’ll know what those tiny settings mean and how minuscule changes can make a big difference.

The course decodes photography shorthand like the Photo Triangle, a relational diagram between your aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings that allows you to deal with any sort of lighting challenge. 

Armed with a firm handle on these basics, you’ll move on to the advanced course. There, you can get the skills you’ll need to deal with specific conditions and subjects like night shooting, nature photography and more.

You’ll even get a complete set of tutorials about shooting HD video, because modern DSLR cameras do a lot more than take still shots. Finally, you’ll learn the post-production tricks in Photoshop and other photo editing software that will let you turn your solid shot into a magazine-worthy masterpiece.

It’s not a bad time for Komando readers to try the course out. Lifetime access to the complete DSLR Photography Course Bundle is now 93% off the list price.

Prices subject to change.

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