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Luxury noise-canceling headphones at a fraction of the price

Audiophiles can argue (and have argued) for years about what sound system is best. As technology has improved, those arguments have only gotten more heated.

Digital audio is the norm these days, and as convenient as it is, it comes with its own set of reproduction challenges — just like the CDs, cassette tapes and vinyl formats before them.

Portable audio is no less subject to nit-picking. But when you’re buying a decent set of headphones, you really ought to consider not just what kind of sound is coming through those earpieces, but what other noises are getting past them.

That may be the reason for the buzz around these TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones, which are built to deliver an immersive experience that’s free of ambient noise. It’s just you and the music.

While these headphones are indeed wireless, they’re not the tiny earpieces you might have seen packed in with their pocket-sized charging cases. (And then probably lost after they fell out during a biking sesh.)

These are full-sized headphones, made with form-fitting foam that molds to your ear without mashing it flat. All the better to cancel out that ambient noise, but that passive muffling effect is only part of the package.

The TREBLAB Z2s also employ T-Quiet active noise-cancelling technology that can actually work to counter any stray sounds that get in through the earpieces.

It does this by creating its own low-frequency noise that’s perfectly out of phase with the wavelength of any incoming interference. This effectively cancels out that intruding noise and allows you to immerse yourself in the music you want to hear.

Music is also taken pretty seriously. The Z2s have an impressive set of 40mm neodymium-backed speakers that reproduce sound in a fantastic range from bench-rattling lows to crisp highs.

All this combines to make these headphones a perfect set for busy commutes or plane rides where you just want to tune the world out for a while. They’re even more perfect when you consider the battery life. These things can go 35 hours without a charge, meaning you can likely wear them all week without docking them for a recharge.

Pick up your own pair of TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones for $69.99, more than 70% off the retail price.

Prices subject to change.

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