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This sentence-polishing app keeps the grammar police at bay

Ask anyone who’s ever had to learn English as a second language and they’ll tell you it’s is full of quirks. These idiosyncrasies are a part of what gives the English language its charm — even if it can be a real headache for ESL learners or sleep-deprived freelance writers in search of a metaphor.

But take heart. We’re willing to bet that at least once in his career, even William Shakespeare tapped his head and asked himself, “What’s the word I’m looking for?”

If only he had the Ludwig Sentence Search Engine. It might be the best thing to happen to writers since the spell checker. This program does far more than just add a red flag to your typos.

What else can it do?

Ludwig uses an innovative approach to grammar that helps you not only get the right word but also the right sentence every time.

Let’s say you want to find out if you’re using the term “it begs the question” correctly. Simply enter that snippet in the search box and Ludwig brings up various occurrences of “it begs the question” from newspapers, scientific journals and the like, all in context so you can understand and use that phrase correctly.

Ludwig Sentence Search Engine is basically just like having the editors of the New York Times, the BBC and other meticulous outlets looking over your shoulder.

Got a word stuck on the tip of your tongue? Let Ludwig put it on the screen. Simply enter a sentence with your missing word as an asterisk, and you’ll get back a ton of results that fill in the blank from other writers.

The app is particularly great for spot-checking your phrasing on official papers, or for students of the English language who want to make sure they’re getting those idioms just right. You can enter sentences or terms in 52 languages and get translated results back instantly.

Komando readers can get a lifetime subscription to the desktop version of the Ludwig Sentence Search Engine for a full 60% off today.

Prices are subject to change.

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