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Learning a new language? This system makes it easy

Technology has given us a lot of shortcuts in life, but it’s hard to get around one of the most difficult aspects of learning a new language: If you really want to make that new vocabulary stick, repetition is the key. Unfortunately, repetition can be mind-numbingly boring … unless you use MosaLingua.

This app understands that we need more than mere repetition to learn a language. But instead of skirting it with an unfocused, gamified interface, MosaLingua weaves it into a superbly customized curriculum. Rather than being a slog, the experience is engaging, challenging and even fun.

Why people love MosaLingua

Take a look at the iTunes and Google Play Store and you’ll see an overall score of 4 1/2 stars or more, drawn from hundreds of thousands of reviews. In 2017, UK parents on the tutor matching site Tutora (now Tutorful) rated it the best educational app. It got similar praise from the Huffington Post.

Those rave reviews and the app’s results can be credited to a methodical approach based on sound cognitive science. Here’s how it works.

MosaLingua starts you out with a short assessment to determine your familiarity (if any) with your new language of choice and a questionnaire that determines how you plan on using it: Business? Studying abroad? Socializing?

This lets the system map out your curriculum so there’s no time wasted on words you’re less likely to use.

Once you encounter each new word or phrase, that’s where the repetition comes in. But it’s hardly rote. You’ll get flashcards where you’re prompted to pick the word out of a sentence, prompts where you have to learn it yourself and voice recording sessions where you get to match your pronunciation with that of a native speaker.

This unique approach turns you into a master of all trades

More specifically, it lets you simultaneously learn the language from all angles: reading, writing, speaking and listening. If you get stuck on certain terms, you can save them to a library that ensures they will pop up again until you get them right.

Now, MosaLingua even has its own original stories called MosaSeries that are augmented by lessons and flashcards as you follow each episode in the serial.

Sound like your pathway to a bilingual lifestyle? Give it a try with the comprehensive MosaLingua Language Learning Fluency Bundle that covers English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian. A lifetime subscription is now over 95% off the MSRP for Komando readers.

Prices are subject to change.

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