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Going to the hospital or doctor’s office? This app can help you avoid coronavirus exposure

One of the most dangerous aspects of COVID-19 is its ability to easily overwhelm emergency rooms. With a fatality rate between 1 and 4%, our healthcare system may not have enough hospital beds to handle the most critical cases.

That’s one of the reasons health authorities are urging mild cases to quarantine at home, as well as to avoid hospitals altogether unless symptoms become severe. Tap or click here to see the most reliable health and government accounts to follow online.

If you need to visit the doctor for any other reason at this time, the whole process can feel nerve-wracking. Fortunately, a new app has been developed to help people see how busy their local healthcare center is without leaving home.

Keep yourself healthy at home with DocClocker

Anyone looking to visit the doctor during the coronavirus pandemic may be alarmed when they arrive for a checkup. Not only are wait times increasing, hospitals and medical centers are regularly denying all but the most critical cases.

But folks looking for medical attention can skip the wait (and virus anxiety) with help from DocClocker, a new app that helps patients and doctors coordinate with one another to schedule appointments.

All a user needs to do is download the free app for Android or iOS, search for a practice within their area and book an appointment. It’s simple and secure, and will also help medical centers manage their resources more efficiently.

It can also help users in need locate the hospital or medical center closest to them. If an emergency strikes, quickly locating a doctor can make all the difference. Tap or click to see another map that shows COVID-19 cases in your area.

Why book with an app?

Developed by two physicians, the app lets doctors register their practices so patients can see wait times, leave notes and get more information before visiting.

Speaking to Fox News, co-CEO and co-founder Dr. Kevin Makati stated, “Long wait times translate to congested waiting rooms and more exposure to transmissible disease. The smartphone app offers a potential solution.”

And in light of our current crisis, hospitals can easily become vectors for transmission.

This app can help you avoid sitting in a waiting room where viruses and other germs might be lurking on every surface. Tap or click to see the best disinfectants to use against coronavirus.

Other benefits

Not only does DocClocker make it easy to schedule a visit or communicate with your doctor, but the app’s developers have also included a couple of extra features that can help relieve anxiety for patients and their family members.

DocOR, which comes installed with the app, lets users get updates from operating rooms. This is a major plus, as anyone who’s waited for a family member during surgery can attest.

In addition to DocOR, users can get up-to-date reviews of local medical facilities and get real-time notifications and status updates about appointments and visits.

You can download DocClocker for Android here, and download DocClocker here.

We can’t always control when we need medical attention. But with the help of apps like this one, we might be able to make it easier for those in need to get the treatment they need.

In times like ours, small motions of consideration and goodwill can literally save lives. Plus, you’ll be protecting yourself from additional risk. Sounds like a win-win to us.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, advice, or health objectives.

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