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Best protective sanitary mask cases you’ll use time and time again

It doesn’t look like the COVID-19 pandemic will be slowing down any time soon. Cases are rising across the country, and it’s happening just in time for flu season, too.

Do you know what that means? You need to take good care of your masks. Need to upgrade yours? This is the one I use and recommend to friends and family.

Don’t toss your mask onto a restaurant table or your desk when you take it off. You’re running the risk of contaminating it with the gross stuff that lingers in those places. You need to protect your mask — and your health — with a mask case instead. Here are some of the best options on the market right now.

1. This handy case holds 5 disposable masks or 1 cloth mask

Stop tossing your masks into dirty cupholders or purses without protection. If you’re looking for a lightweight protective option, this handy case is one of the top mask storage devices on Amazon. Part of the reason it’s so popular is it can hold up to five disposable masks or one cloth mask — giving you the option to carry around extras if you need them.

This case is made of durable BPA-free plastic and will protect your mask from dirt, grime, dust and other particles when you aren’t wearing it. Plus, it doesn’t weigh much and it fits right into your purse, backpack or any other small space.

Promising review: “I got tired of throwing my face mask in my purse or hanging it on my car’s rearview mirror. I decided to give this product a try and it is exceeding my expectations. I use a reusable cloth mask and it fits inside no problem. The clasps stay securely shut keeping my mask clean when I am not using it. Simple, stylish, and efficient!” — Cate S., Amazon reviewer

2. This innovative case holds 4 masks and comes with ear protectors

Does your mask bother the back of your ears after a while? This innovative mask case not only protects your mask from getting dirty but it also comes with ear protectors to cut down on that ear pain issue.

You don’t have to worry about environmental impact, either. This case is made with durable, eco-friendly material. It helps to protect your mask from all sorts of grime and moisture. It can hold up to four masks too, just in case you want to pack extras.

Promising review: This product is pretty new, but over half of the ratings are 5-star on Amazon, making us confident that it’s a good solution for keeping your mask clean and ready to wear.

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3. Looking for more than just a case? Mask extenders come with this antibacterial case

If you’re having issues with your mask fitting correctly, this antibacterial case is the perfect solution to your problem. It comes with mask extenders to give you the wiggle room you need to be comfortable.

And, of course, these mask cases will also help keep your mask free from dust, dirt, grime or moisture. All you have to do is toss your mask into the case when you take it off. The case takes care of the rest.

Promising review: “This antibacterial mask case is exactly what I was looking for! I can put a handful of mask inside the case and keep in in the glove compartment of my car whenever I go out in public.” — Roland E., Amazon reviewer

4. You’ll get ear and mask extenders with this option

If you need ear and mask extenders, you might want to check out this option, which comes with both. The case is made of durable, non-toxic hard plastic that’s easy to open and close as you need to.

You’ll also get those ear and mask extenders you’ve been eying to help make mask-wearing more comfortable. It keeps dust, grime and moisture away from your maks and protects it until the next time you need it.

Promising review: “These are great little holding containers for face masks to keep them clean and unwrinkled during transport. Very nicely designed and easy to use. This set comes with many helpful face mask accessories and is great for families or companies to maintain guidelines during pandemic restrictions.” — Amazon reviewer

5. You’ll get enough for the whole family with this option

Need to buy mask covers for your whole household? You might want to go with this option, which comes with four silicone mask covers and four mask extenders to make things a little more comfy.

What’s nice about these mask storage cases is they have a soft, wide silicone mouth design that’s easy for kids or people with dexterity issues to use. There are no hard buttons or small openings to contend with. All you have to do is flip open the mouth of the container and toss the mask in. Super easy.

Promising review: “Case: I needed a case that was convenient, both cloth and disposable masks fit, and easy to clean. These fit the bill. Now each member of the family gets its own case so we don’t get confused. The silicone does attract some fuzz but I can live with that. Clasp: I have long hair and wear glasses. The masks kept falling off my ear. This clasp holds the mask in place. It’s pliable so you don’t even feel it’s there and it stays in place because it’s not a smooth plastic. I wear it with a ponytail.” — S. Keith, Amazon reviewer

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