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See just how deadly the coronavirus is compared to other epidemics

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Now, we know how fast the coronavirus is spreading across the globe, but how does it compare to other epidemics? This stunning graphic puts it into perspective.

The graph shows coronavirus deaths over 100 days compared to other epidemics, since 2000, from the day of the first death. We know this pandemic is spreading quickly and claiming thousands of lives, but to see these numbers in action is sobering.

It doesn’t take long for coronavirus to overtake MERS, cholera, the measles, ebola, SARS, the Swine Flu and meningitis.

This is just a 30-second clip. You can watch the entire thing here.

The creator, Reddit user harry29ford, posted a follow-up too. This version includes the Spanish flu and answers the question of why he didn’t include it in his original post. To sum it up: By day 100, the 1918 Spanish Flu had claimed 4,582,839 lives. Coronavirus is the next highest at 88,457.

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