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The one video about coronavirus everyone needs to watch and share right now

In the war against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, science and healthcare measures are our strongest weapons. But in spite of the unprecedented scientific data being uncovered about the virus and the disease it causes, misinformation is still widespread.

Not only are old half-truths and debunked myths still making the rounds, but some of this misinformation has the potential to get people hurt or sick. Tap or click here to see which coronavirus stories are fact or fiction.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to know the facts behind the virus and what can keep you safe. This must-see video clip from The Kim Komando Show goes over some of the most common myths and explains what you actually need to do to stay healthy.

Watch and share this video with your loved ones

Social media makes it easier than ever for rumors and bad information to go (pardon the pun) viral. People are quick to absorb and share the things they read, which can lead to debunked stories and intentional disinformation to rise above scientific facts.

And in regards to the novel coronavirus, few topics are subject to more misinformation than cures and remedies. It’s gotten to the point where online shopping outlets are banning and deleting anything that presents itself as a cure for COVID-19. Tap or click to see why the FDA finally brought the hammer down on fake COVID-19 cures.

But if you want to know the best ways to stay safe, Kim and the staff of The Kim Komando Show have put together a video with up-to-date information on coronavirus myths and facts. Please watch this video and share it with your friends and family.

Many of these myths propagate because they can help somebody come off as more credible to their followers. Others circulate because someone out there is trying to sell you something.

There is even an entire Wikipedia article describing the intentional misinformation being spread by foreign governments to muddy the waters and cast blame. Put all these factors together with an eager, social media-addicted population and you have a recipe for Fake News and confusion.

Here are just some of the fake remedies and protective measures people are sharing that won’t do anything to keep you safe.

Food and drink

  • Staying hydrated. This is a good practice but won’t protect you from coronavirus. Warm water also has no effect.
  • Gargling salt water can relieve a sore throat, which is an occasional coronavirus symptom. It can’t protect you from the virus itself.
  • Strong foods like garlic won’t kill the virus, nor will alcoholic drinks and hard liquor. These items should also not be used to treat symptoms.
  • Corona brand beer won’t do anything to treat COVID-19, nor does it cause COVID-19.

Temperatures and travel

  • Some scientists believe warm, sunny locations may see some reprieve from the coronavirus if it functions anything like seasonal bugs such as the flu. But this is still just speculation and traveling to a warm place by plane actually puts you in contact with more people, which increases your odds of getting sick.
  • Blowing hot air from a blow dryer into your nose or mouth will not kill the coronavirus. In fact, you might suffer burns.
  • Despite what politicians like the president of Belarus say, saunas will not protect you from the virus or treat COVID-19.

People and pathogens

  • The SARS-COV2 virus that causes COVID-19 is not a bioweapon. Scientists from around the world have determined the virus likely originated from an animal like a bat or pangolin and jumped to humans thanks to unsanitary conditions in a so-called “wet market.” What’s more, its structure and behavior shows evidence of natural evolution and the virus bears a striking resemblance to other animal coronaviruses.
  • Specific ethnicities or communities are not immune to the coronavirus. As a novel (or new) virus, no human beings are immune.
  • Coronavirus doesn’t only affect seniors. One-third of those infected are between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • Acquiring COVID-19 isn’t a death sentence. Although the illness is dangerous, the vast majority of infected people experience mild symptoms and can recover from the comfort of home. The majority of resolved cases have made full recoveries.

Now that you know the facts, make sure to share this article with your friends and family. That way, we can stop the spread of disinformation just like we’re stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

With disinformation, there isn’t a “curve” to be flattened like there is with disease. Unlike coronavirus, fake news and myths do have a cure: The spread of scientific facts and data.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, advice, or health objectives.

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