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Best free online weather forecast map I bet you never heard of

We've seen plenty of storms lately that caused severe damage and destruction. Sometimes, when a massive storm is on the way, it might be...
Cool Sites October 13, 2017

Give yourself a color vision test

Give yourself a color vision test.
Cool Sites October 1, 2017

Play dozens of free brainteasers, puzzles and games

Brainteasers are a great way to flex your brain "muscles," and they're also a lot of fun! That's why I know you'll love this...
Cool Sites September 17, 2017

See all your military benefits in one place

Keeping track of all the benefits that come with your military service, or that of your family member, can be complicated. Especially when you...
Cool Sites July 16, 2017

What's covered by Medicare? Here's how to find out

Navigating your way through your Medicare benefits is no easy task. As you read through it all, it's difficult to tell what's covered and...
Cool Sites June 25, 2017

Great site for the fishing and boating lover in your family

Need something fun to do on the weekend? Why not go outdoors and enjoy a day on the water. Fishing and boating are two...
Cool Sites June 7, 2017

Find out if your doctor takes money from drug companies

Doctors and health care providers don't just make money from your health insurance payments. Many doctors and hospitals also get paidĀ from pharmaceutical manufacturers and...
Cool Sites May 14, 2017

Never miss another cosmic event!

Comets, eclipses, blood moons, and more - the night sky is filled with incredible sights. If you love skywatching, like I do, then you'll...
Cool Sites April 30, 2017

Set and achieve your New Year's resolutions with this helpful site

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions is a challenge each and every year. But I've got a little secret that makes it easy. Want...
Cool Sites December 28, 2016

Are you ready for some Football? You'll love this site

Football is here once again and we're approaching the most exciting part of the season, as the holidays and the NFL go hand-in-hand. Some...
Cool Sites November 24, 2016