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The best Secret Santa picker websites

In big families and small offices across the country, "Secret Santa" is one of the great holiday traditions. By picking random recipients and covertly...
Cool Sites November 25, 2016

Free gorgeous wallpapers and themes

How long have you been staring at the same old background on your screen? It's time for an update! Some sites charge money for...
Cool Sites November 18, 2016

Wonderful sounds to help you relax at work

No matter what you do, work can be stressful. There are deadlines to meet, emails to keep up with and projects to manage. But...
Cool Sites November 3, 2016

Free Windows 10 books from Microsoft

Did you know many of the same books you find at the library are available on your gadget? With millions of eBooks available, you...
Cool Sites October 26, 2016

Free Halloween pumpkin carving templates

Halloween is hiding right around the corner ... is your house ready? There are spooky decorations to put up, candy to be stocked and...
Cool Sites October 26, 2016
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