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Free product samples sent right to you

What's the best way to test out a new product? Free samples, of course. Find free samples, contests and coupons for top brands online....
Cool Sites October 30, 2018

7 best sites to enter online sweepstakes and win!

How can you find the best sweepstakes opportunities? The internet is a big place. It's hard to know where to look. Of course, there's...
Cool Sites October 27, 2018

How to get the lowest price on Amazon

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy things. You can find whatever you want, from car accessories and groceries to office supplies and...
Cool Sites October 15, 2018

Top 5 free coupon sites that'll save you big money

Looking for some easy ways to save money while shopping online? These five useful online coupon code sites will help you get back cash...
Cool Sites October 10, 2018

Take online classes at prestigious universities for free

Looking to expand your cranium a little bit? Take free online classes from some of the world's most-respected universities, including Princeton and Stanford. And...
Cool Sites September 19, 2018

Look up a VIN report before buying a used car

Looking to buy a new car but want to make sure it’s not a lemon? All you need to do is run a search...
Cool Sites July 24, 2018

Hackers use this site to find their next victims

Our smart devices are also known as Internet of Things (IoT) connected gadgets and if not fully secured, can be accessed by anyone. As...
Cool Sites July 9, 2018

Find the cheapest gas and save money

This Cool Site shows you gas prices in your neighborhood and across the nation.
Cool Sites May 11, 2018

The one letter you’ll want to receive in the mail

For many of us, mail -- actual mail -- is a relic of the past. Sure, our box is occasionally graced by something nice...
Cool Sites May 11, 2018

Sell me something weird or confusing

Maybe you haven't said it, but you've certainly heard it before: You can find anything on the internet. It's true, at least for the...
Cool Sites May 6, 2018