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Amazing sites to help you get your garden ready for spring

Amazing sites to help you get your garden ready for spring
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Spring will be here before you know it. The snow is melting away and your garden will soon be in bloom - that is if you're ready to put in the work. A great garden requires a little bit of TLC and some advice from experts to turn your garden into a living, breathing work of art that will impress guests and make the neighbors jealous.

On top of that, tending a garden can be very therapeutic and help relieve everyday stress. Whether you're an expert gardener with a green thumb, or just a beginner who's green behind the ears, you can use these sites to help your garden grow more fruitful.

Planning Your Garden
Before you get started, you'll have to plot out and plan your garden. The Better Homes And Gardens Plan-a-Garden site can help you get started, or you can use a resource like Houzz Design A Garden. Both sites have a wealth of ideas that can help you design the perfect garden for your backyard. With these sites you can see lots of different ideas, plan out a budget, see steps to make your plans become a reality and more.

Decoist Garden Design Ideas is another fabulous option to check out for new and innovative ideas, get inspiration, how-to guides and much more. There are even smaller-scale options for apartments too.

If you haven't tried it, Pinterest is where all the ideas are! People post their favorite ideas, and you turn it into your own idea book. Dig around, do some searches: "Shelves," say, or "back porch." Did you know Kim is on Pinterest, too? Follow her to see fun things you won’t see anywhere else!

Building Your Garden
Once you have your inspiration and plans, it's time to go to work. Instructables is a great place to find and share do-it-yourself projects, from gardening to decorating and all kinds of other things around the house, like arts and crafts. If you're looking at major landscaping, a site like YardShare is a Godsend. It's a place to connect you with other folks around the country who have worked on home projects and can give you advice.

When is do-it-yourself more expensive than just paying somebody else to do it for you? Find out with DIY or Not. The site has a database of common household projects and how much they cost. It can also tell you how long the job should take. Then you can determine whether doing it yourself is the best way to go.

Growing Your Garden
Use a resource like these GardenGuides to learn about plant types, garden design and gardening phases. Likewise, there's  Zukeeni, which can teach you how to grow and harvest an edible garden with the fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, you can also use a source like PlantNative to see what plants will thrive in your area.

You'll also want this handy Vegetable growing cheat sheet to help you remember your plant schedules.

Maintaining Your Garden
Weeds running rampant can destroy even the most perfect of gardens. How can you get rid of a weed for good? Visit the National Gardening Association's Weed Library  site to find out. It tells you what weeds you have, where they thrive, and tips on getting rid of them permanently so you can keep your garden healthy and beautiful. 

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