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How to make money selling your photos online

There are many amazing views in the world that make for spectacular photos. Whether you're on vacation and capture a beautiful sunset or just out on a local hiking trail, the opportunity to take some great pictures is out there.

No matter what the moment is, there's likely a company out there that needs a photo describing one of those scenarios. Take Komando.com for example. We often use stock photos to accompany our stories and articles.

That's why it's a good idea to look into selling your best snapshots to a stock photo site. It's a win-win, really. You earn a little bit of extra spending money and companies and publications can get the visual aids they need.

So if you're any good at photography, painting or digital art and want to sell them for some extra cash, check out Imagekind. It's a site that creates prints of your photos and works of art online.

Sell your digital photos on Imagekind

Simply upload a digital file of your work and you can sell various sizes of prints, gift cards and even images on canvas. You set the prices for your work and Imagekind deducts a charge for creating a print. You also earn a 5% commission when a customer has your work framed.

Imagekind's basic service is free and it provides you with your own showcase page and unlimited file storage. It also offers Pro ($8 monthly) and Platinum ($12 monthly, or $95 annually) memberships with increased framing commissions and priority placement in search results.

Meanwhile, if you're in the market for something cool to fill that empty space on your wall, you can browse by category or at random to find something cool and place an order.

Imagekind might just be the right platform for you to turn from a photo hobbyist to a paid photographer!

Protect your photography with custom watermarks

We all know how easy it is to just copy and save an image from the web. This is precisely why watermarking your online photos is important. A watermark is a superimposed text or logo that acts as your virtual signature. And it's not difficult to create. Here's an app that can easily add watermarks to all of your pictures. Tap or click here to protect your photo creations today.

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