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Be friends with Kim on social media! Here's where to find her

Be friends with Kim on social media! Here's where to find her

The "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando is seen and heard by millions. The Kim Komando Show airs globally on Bloomberg TV every weekend. Her call-in radio show is nationally syndicated to hundreds of stations.

For up-to-date tech news, visit her website at Komando.com, where you also can get tips on all manner of computer, electronic devices and downloads. The site also provides how-to videos and stories and is the place where you can subscribe to Kim's free daily newsletters.

Kim is also very much at home on social media. Here are the major social media platforms where you can follow Kim and get tech news, updates and some fun behind-the-scenes photos.


There's no doubt about it —  Kim is busy. But, as you can see, she's always ready to have fun with the Komando crew. You can find more amusing behind-the-scenes photos of The Kim Komando Show on Instagram.

Kim gives followers a glimpse of her life out of the studio, too. You'll find plenty of photos of her international travels, her family, funny things she sees while on the road, beautiful nature photos and more.

You'll also enjoy plenty of photos of "The Golden Goddess" Abby, Kim's beloved Golden Retriever. One photo of Abby a day will make your blues go away.

Follow Kim on Instagram at kimkomando and share your thoughts about her photos or even ask for more pics of Abby. Be sure to say hi!


As an avid fan of The Kim Komando Show and Komando.com, you know we like to post videos that entertain and inform. Find even more of our videos on YouTube.

The Kim Komando Show's YouTube channel offers yet another way for Kim's fans to stay up to date on the latest digital news and trends.

If you're mystified about building your own home network or installing a router, you can find a number of helpful DIY videos on Kim's YouTube channel. You'll learn tech tricks only the pros know in under 2 minutes. These fun, quick videos are one of Kim's favorite ways to keep you in the know on all things digital.

Meet Kim's inspiring guests, hear from listeners like you who call into the weekly radio show for tech help and watch Kim's DIY Security and Digital Life Hack tips. Plus, see segments from The Kim Komando Show airing globally on Bloomberg TV. Subscribe to Kim Komando on YouTube and discover more helpful information.


Kim's Twitter account is filled with handy tips, warnings and information on the latest events in the digital world. It's all things, all digital, all the time. Follow Kim here for the first look at all the news you need to know.

If there is a nasty phishing scam, ransomware attack or questionable app, Kim will help you protect yourself. If there's major breaking news in the digital world, Kim's got you covered.

You can even send Kim questions about anything tech related. We recommend setting Kim's Twitter posts on alert because along with all the aforementioned information, you can also enjoy special deals on products.

Follow Kim on Twitter today.


On Kim's Facebook page, she shares the top tech stories of the day and helpful tips to help you get the most out of your tech. Get her thoughts on tech products and companies, reviews on products, find links to DIY videos, subscribe to Kim's free daily newsletters and more.

And yes, there are plenty of photos of Kim and her crew having fun during her show, as well as beautiful shots of Kim's many travels.

Follow Kim on Facebook!

Komando Community

The best place to find Kim? The Komando Community! Kim and the team built this ad-free social platform just for you! Unlike the other social media platforms, it's not filled with ads and trackers, and we'll never sell your data to advertisers.

After years of covering data breaches, scams and other questionable acts by the big tech companies controlling social media, Kim decided to do something about it and give everyone a safe secure place to connect with friends and meet new people.

Create a profile, join groups, make friends and see updates on your newsfeed. It's also another place to get trusted digital advice. You can message with Kim, post your question to the forums or browse the blogs for information. Kim even pops in during the live taping of the show to chat with viewers!

Plus, your membership gives you access to Kim's library of eBooks and video and podcast versions of The Kim Komando Show you can listen to on your schedule.

Join as a Pro member today for an all-access pass to Komando Community and don't forget to send Kim a friend request!

Best app for breaking news updates, consumer tech and weather alerts

It's not hard to find the "Digital Goddess." Kim Komando is everywhere providing tips, advice and the latest tech news. And you can get those tips, advice and breaking news right at your fingertips through your smartphone. The app is beautifully designed, simple to use, and the settings allow you to decide what alerts you want to have and which ones you'd prefer to ignore. And there's a nice little extra feature that you'll love when severe weather hits.

Click or tap here to read more about the Komando app.

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