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3 ways to send text messages from your PC or Mac

3 ways to send text messages from your PC or Mac
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Ever sit down at your PC or Mac only to have a text message pop up on your smartphone that requires a lengthy reply that could rival one of the world’s most celebrated novels? It’s impossible for you to answer the text without spending half your day tapping the response using your phone’s keypad. Let the frustration begin.

Although many have faced this dilemma at one point, chances are, you've never considered options beyond that of grabbing your Android or iPhone and inputting your text message for the next hour. While this is an instinctive move, some alternatives can prove to be a game-changer.

You do have options when it comes to texting, and they do not require the use of your smartphone. Think big, and rid yourself of the hassle by using these three easy, time-saving ways to send text messages with your computer.

How to send text messages with the help of Pushbullet

While there are plenty of options for texting via your PC or Mac, such as Android Messages or iMessages for Apple devices, Pushbullet is a little gem that works across multiple platforms. You can use it with iOS, Android, Windows PCs, as well as Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

Connecting all of your devices, Pushbullet allows you to reply to messages from popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger (for Android).

Available as a free app or browser extension, Pushbullet will permit you to send up to 100 messages per month. The Pro version costs $4.99 monthly or $39.99 yearly and offers additional features including unlimited messages.

Sending messages via Google Voice

Google Voice is a second option if you want to send and receive texts through your computer. Although listed as a free service, Google Voice sends texts using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Thus, your cellphone plan data rates or messaging rates will apply.

How does it work? Google Voice provides you with a unique phone number during setup that allows you to receive and send phone calls and text messages from your computer or smartphone.

Visit voice.google.com/about to sign in to your current Google account or register for a new one. Follow the setup instructions, and you are off to send your first message.

Sending texts using your wireless carrier’s website

There are wireless service providers that permit subscribers to send and receive texts through the carrier’s website. Verizon customers are allowed to exchange messages, photos, and videos. A desktop application is also available to Verizon customers, which can be downloaded through your My Verizon account.

Sending texts via AT&T’s website is similar to Verizon’s. Next time you visit your carrier’s website, check out the available desktop texting features.

You are not limited to these options when it comes to texting from computer to smartphone. Several free websites allow you to send SMS text messages, including opentextingonline.com and txt2day.com. Unfortunately, these sites do not provide the ‘live chat’ experience you get when using a messaging app or texting via your phone.

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