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Get free samples of new products delivered to you

Get free samples of new products delivered to you
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One of the hottest new trends is subscription boxes. You pay a fee and get fun things sent to you regularly, from makeup to food to toys.

There's an even better wrinkle to this trend. Free boxes of stuff sent to you to try out. After all, what's better than free stuff? By becoming a member of this cool site, you can get a ton of it.

Get free things sent to you to try out

PINCHme is a review site that relies on consumers to give top-notch feedback to industry leading companies.

In just three easy steps, any one of PINCHme's 5.1 million members can receive 100% free products delivered right to their door. The site will send you free samples of products; all you have to do is give them honest feedback on what you think of each product.

To begin, you need to take a shopper survey for the site to learn a bit more about you. When sample day comes around, select products to add to your PINCHme box. Once you receive your free samples, you're asked to provide a review and answer some opinion-based questions.

The best part of reviewing your samples, aside from being free, is PINCHme sends brand name items, not knockoff items.

The site is partnered with industry leaders such as Purina, Johnson & Johnson, Hallmark, Skinny girl and so many more.

PINCHme helps these companies by reaching a targeted audience and providing necessary information for product changes to be made.

While the site is great help to companies, it is also an excellent tool for consumers. It gives you the ability to try before your buy and obtain useful knowledge of products before spending your hard earned money.

Sign-up is simple

All PINCHme asks for is your name, email and a password. Once you confirm your email address, you get to build your profile and start browsing available samples.

What's the catch?

All of the samples truly are free. However, the number of samples you can receive is limited. When PINCHme allows you to start sifting through samples, its initial offering is only a coupon for one free product.

In order to receive more samples, you need to take quizzes to earn tokens ranging from 25 to 100. You can find the quizzes in the QUIZme section of the site, and one full sample box is worth 300 tokens.

PINCHme offers some cool products, it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to spend the time to earn them.

Tap or click here to check the site out. Or, click on the blue button below.

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