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Is your area code a hot number for robocalls?

Is your area code a hot number for robocalls?
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Does where you live affect how many robocalls you get? It sure does. Before you read on, see if you can guess which area codes, or cities, attract the most robocalls per capita. Scroll down to find out.

Robocalls are the bane of our digital existence. We have tools, tricks and tips for battling them, but the robo-dialers just seem to get smarter and savvier. Well, we recently discovered a site that's actually been around for a couple of years that maintains a robocall index, where it estimates monthly robocall volume in the United States. Read on and then scroll to the bottom to find out the five area codes that have the most robocalls per capita.

How to find robocall data by location, category

There is a great site that can help you avoid unwanted robocalls, and it's called YouMail Robocall Index. Robocall Index estimates monthly robocall volume throughout the country, as well as in various areas, and then highlights the worst offenders. The site works by extrapolating the data collected from the millions of calls made each month to YouMail app users.

Robocall Index also has a great feature that allows you to view a list of the most common robocallers, their caller ID names, the place of origin and the suspected type of caller. This feature may not prevent you from receiving robocalls, but it may help you screen robocalls in the future.

If you feel that you are getting an exorbitant amount of robocalls, be sure to check out the YouMail app's reverse phone lookup in their community directory. It’s a great feature on the Robocall Index website that allows you to search for and report nuisance phone numbers.

What area codes are the worst for robocalls?

If you said Baton Rouge, Washington DC, Memphis, Macon (Georgia), and Lafayette (Louisiana) you were right. Those are the cities that attracted the most robocalls in February and January of 2019.

Rounding out the top 10 were Little Rock, Birmingham (Alabama), Albany (Georgia), Las Vegas, and Shreveport (Louisiana).

Complete Guide To Stopping Robocalls in 2019

Robocalls. They can be easy to spot, but that doesn't make them any easier to avoid. And when you do get a live person on the other end, they waste your time peddling everything from health insurance to home and computer services. Worse yet, aside from trying to sell you stuff, these annoying calls can be downright deceptive and malicious. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to avoid robocalls. Tap or click here to learn more!

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