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Send free electronic Valentine's Day cards with these sites

Send free electronic Valentine's Day cards with these sites

Valentine’s Day is is coming up quick. If you are still struggling to find that perfect greeting card or perhaps you simply don’t have the time to run by the store, never fear, the internet is here!

Sites like Facebook and apps like Snapchat have definitely mastered the art of celebrating the holidays with their fun filters and videos. However, if you have a friend or two who lives their life sans social media but you still want to send them some Valentine’s Day love, then you may want to consider an electronic Valentine’s Day card.

While e-cards may seem a little dated, it is the thought that counts. And, besides who doesn’t enjoy a fun and personalized email from time to time? Check out the following sites, for (mostly) free electronic Valentine’s Day cards.

1. 123 Greetings

Don’t let the name fool you, there are over 100 different card designs to choose from on 123 Greetings. The site lets you send a personalized message along with the electronic card.

If you have more than one valentine, 123 Greetings may be a great choice for your holiday needs because you can send cards to over 100 recipients.

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2. Got Free Cards

This site offers users over fifty different animated cartoon videos accompanied by fun sounds and music. Got Free Cards is a great choice for those who want to send something more entertaining than a static card.

3. Hallmark

Hallmark is the master of sentimental greeting cards, so you can rest assured that your special someone will enjoy their electronic Valentine’s Day card. Hallmark also offers several different card designs featuring iconic characters from Disney films and the Peanuts Gang.

You do have to create a free membership to access their card library, however, they do offer electronic cards for every holiday and occasion, so it is definitely worth looking into!

4. Kisseo

Along with an appropriate name, Kisseo also offers a variety of fun and modern electronic video cards. The site avoids using Flash technology so all of their cards are mobile-friendly.

Kisseo is also user-friendly. Simply choose the video you like and then share it via email or through Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp.

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5. Punchbowl

Unlike the sites previously mentioned, Punchbowl specializes in electronic invitations. They resemble traditional invites completely with different designs and envelopes. This is a great site for those who may already have Valentine’s Day plans but they still want to send their valentine a friendly reminder.

Most of the invitation options are free but the invitations labeled “plus” will cost you a small fee.

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