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Find discounted and free e-books

Find discounted and free e-books

E-books are wonderful. You can carry them on your phone or tablet and read waiting in line, at the dentist’s office, or on a plane without carrying a giant, heavy thing around. Many e-books also offer features like extra art, built-in audio, or previews of other titles.

One thing that’s not-so-great about e-books: The price. Many publishers want to charge the same price for an e-book that they charge for a paperback or even a hardcover. When they have no printing, shipping, or distribution costs to bear, that translates into you paying them a lot more money for a lot less product.

Savvy e-book shoppers know to wait for sales, but keeping track of that title you want is tricky. If you’re an avid reader, maybe you’re more of a browser and like to know what’s on sale before you decide.

Get sale notifications

When books go on sale, you want to know. Head on over to Bookbub and sign up. Its email newsletter will let you know when something’s on sale, about to be on sale, or better than that, when an e-book is going to be free.

Get those new releases

It used to be you’d have to go to the small corner bookstore and pick from whatever they had in stock. Today, we have access to everything from Amazon and Barnes and Noble to secondhand sellers to that guy on Craigslist always selling cheap books. It’s hard to keep track of what’s out there, what’s coming out, and what everyone is talking about.

Bookbub lets you choose which categories you’re interested in and then notifies you when a new book comes out that might interest you. You can choose from things like Mysteries and Thrillers, Literary Fiction, Romance, and Science Fiction.

There are even categories for non-fiction, so if you want the latest books on politics or history, just click and it'll let you know. Bookbub’s categories for nonfiction also include things like Parenting, Science, and Advice and How-To, great choices if you want to see what’s current in your favorite field or if you’re just trying to stay on top of things.

Get curated recommendations

If you’re more of a browser, you know how hard it is to get a recommendation that feels just right. Some people like romance, some people want to tell you all about a fantasy saga, and some just want a little something light to read at the beach.

Bookbub lets you get recommendations from people you trust, so you know if a book is worth a read before you spend your hard-earned money. Better still, they curate lists themselves, so you always have something to read (and you know it’s on sale right now).

Get updates on your favorite authors

Bookbub puts you in control and lets you tweak what emails you get and when. Deep discounts are great, but Bookbub will also let you know when your favorite writer has a new book out. You can pick and choose from thousands of your favorites and get an email tailored just for you.

Get ready for the holidays

If you want a little reading material but are more the practical sort, you're already trying to figure out which tech toys are worth getting this holiday season. There are a lot of great options out there, but you can get great advice at the Komando Shop.

In my shop, we offer our own e-books if you want to learn all about that new Windows 10 computer you're getting, how to use your amazing new TV without paying for cable, or how to buy the perfect drone.

Or maybe the best gift of all: find out about making money at home. You've been good this year. You deserve it.

If you are a Kim's Club member, you can get access to all of the Komando e-books for free! If you're not a Kim's Club member already, join now and take advantage of all these e-books for free!

Microsoft is giving away e-books - get yours now

Everybody loves a great bargain. And you can't get a much better bargain than Microsoft offering FREE e-books via Microsoft Virtual Academy. Take advantage of this offer and download some free e-books right now! Click here to read more.
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