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Bring this operating system with you everywhere you go

Bring this operating system with you everywhere you go
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Ever wished you could fit a whole desktop in your pocket? An entire operating system you can bring with you everywhere you go, with your own personalized set of applications, settings and preferences.

Imagine plugging a USB Flash drive on a computer, any computer, instantly turning it into your own! You can argue that you can just bring your laptop but why should you when a secure desktop environment can be stashed away on a stick?

Yep, with this cool site, you can do just that! Read on and I'll tell you all about this convenient little computer platform that can.


PortableApps.com is your destination for self-contained applications that run on the PortableApps.com platform.

The PortableApps.com system is a full-on portable operating system you can install on a USB drive.

With a variety of portable applications to choose from, you can create your own portable app suite to take with you wherever you go.

It's as simple as running the PortableApps.com platform installer on your portable USB drive, choosing your applications from its portable app store and off you go.

When installed on a portable USB drive, you can plug it into a PC, any PC, and it will load your very own desktop and operating system. As its tagline suggests, "every PC becomes your PC."

Imagine that. You can carry your desktop, your browser bookmarks and extensions, your productivity software and files, your games, your video and music library, on a USB stick and run them wherever you go.

Even better, your PortableApps environment can also be installed on a cloud-based drive (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and sync it locally wherever you go.

Portable App Store

PortableApps.com has hundreds of free applications to choose from. From office suite to accessibility and security tools, from games to browsers and multimedia players, the portable apps store has it all.

You can start with a number of portable versions of your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera), or a free office suite like LibreOffice Portable then for security, try ClamWin Portable for antivirus software on the go.

With PortableApps, the possibilities (and the portability) are endless.

Visit PortableApps now

To try the PortableApps.com platform, visit its PortableApps home page.

Note: Download and install the PortableApps.com Platform on your target USB drive first.

All set? Visit the Portable Apps app store (or click the cool site button below) and choose and install all the apps you want to take with you. Your very own PortableApps system is now ready to go.

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