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3 fun sites to celebrate National Pi Day

3 fun sites to celebrate National Pi Day
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"Pi" might be the most famous letter in the Greek alphabet. For centuries, Pi has been used to calculate the circumference of a circle. Many people know that Pi equals about 3.14, but no one has ever figured out how many decimal places that number goes.

March 14 is International Pi Day when math enthusiasts celebrate the possibilities of hardcore arithmetic. Some of us were math whizzes. Others remember only the negatives. But many folks stumble into math later in life and think, "Actually, there's a lot of cool stuff in there."

To celebrate Pi Day, we'd like to recommend three easy-to-use math sites for messing around with numbers. No matter how much you've subtracted from your mathematical knowledge, you'll find that these versatile websites are prime.

1. Math.com

The simplest route is Math.com, a vast trove of lessons, quizzes and trivia. The lessons are put together in a simple Kindergarten-through-8th-grade format, so you start with basic equations and end up coining your way through pre-calculus. The site isn't flashy, but it does the trick. Math.com even has a cache of sophisticated calculators, so you'll never get stuck on an errant integer. With tools like this, you'll find your skills improving to the nth degree.

2. Khan Academy

When Salman Khan started making YouTube videos about math and science in 2004, did he realize the project would evolve into Khan Academy, a digital school with global reach? The Academy has won the attention of such notables as Bill Gates, and its content has been translated into 36 languages. So what's all the fuss about? Subjects like Algebra become a lot more fun when it's guided by Khan and his chipper animations. While you're there, you can also pick from other fields, such as art and history.

3. Mathway

In place of a personal tutor, Mathway helps you not only solve problems but actually understand how the calculations work. Using a digital "wipe board," Mathway gives you every number and variable in the algebraic arsenal, then gives you tips on how to solve for x. The software is designed for "all ages," but it's particularly handy for high school and college students who never quite clicked with math.

Bonus: Another way to celebrate

With all of this talk about Pi, we're starting to get a craving for another type of pie. Pizza pie! As you celebrate National Pi Day, enjoy this tasty recipe from our Sponsor, Hello Fresh.

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