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Turn a bunch of photos into a gorgeous video

Turn a bunch of photos into a gorgeous video
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The photos we take throughout our lives are priceless. They capture moments in time that we want to hold onto forever. Family photos, pictures of the big wedding day or that wonderful vacation you finally got to take are all great memories to cherish.

With all the great advancements in technology, taking pictures is easier than ever. Smartphones even have cameras that take spectacular photos.

How would you like to turn your photos into a gorgeous video? There is a website that will let you do just that.


Stupeflix is a web application that lets you make videos in just a few clicks. All you need to do is choose a video style, select photos, music, add text and you are finished. You can even add other videos inside the video.

Just import the pictures that you want to use from your computer or the internet. You can pick photos that you already have on your Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr accounts.

Then create a soundtrack for your video by uploading a song, or selecting one from the Stupeflix library. If you don't want music in the video, you can add a voice-over file or use Stupeflix's computer voices to read your text.

You can then use text slides and captions on top of photos and videos to tell your story.

The best part is that it's free!!!!

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