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Learn to speed read with this handy site

Learn to speed read with this handy site
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Even if you prefer to read from hard copies, you still have to appreciate the vast, virtual library that is the internet. There are so many places to get free books from all over the web. The internet is also a great place to get suggestions for new reads and find book clubs.

Because of all the options, I'm sure your reading list is pretty long. But there's only so many hours in the day. Learning to speed read will help you enjoy more and more books.

The website Spreeder can help you learn. The "Free App" tab at the top of the home page takes you to the free version of their service that works on desktop computers.

You simply copy the text you want to read, paste it into the text box, and press "Spreed." Read along as the words from the text quickly flash on your screen. If you can't keep up, the keyboard adjusts how quickly the words appear. Start slowly at first and keep practicing to increase your speed.


According to Bryan, who answers customers' questions via the site's chat function, you can paste up to 5 million characters into the text box. That's roughly 800,000 words. The average novel is only about 60,00o words so you'd be able to use Spreeder to read entire books.

If you're really interested in improving your speed along with your reading comprehension, then upgrade to the premium web version to get speed reading training. Spreeder CX includes access for five users, unlimited installs on multiple computers including iPad and iPhone, and 20,000 free eBooks. You can also upload your own eBooks and the course includes progress reports.

There's also a mobile app available for different Apple devices and you can purchase different packages. Click here to download it.
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