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Hide your email address on public sites

Hide your email address on public sites

Have you ever had the need to share your email address on public websites like Twitter, message boards, classified ad sites or Facebook public pages? Well, I do hope you refrain from doing this since this leaves your email address easy pickings for the ever-persistent spambots.

Spambots are web-crawling programs that search and harvest websites for email addresses they can use for unsolicited messages AKA spam. Basically, a spambot automatically looks for anything that reads like an email address, typically in the name@domain format and scoops it up for spam mailing lists.

If you absolutely must share your email address on a public site, I recommend adding an extra layer of protection against spambots.


scr.im 2

Scr.im is a website that converts any email address into a short and shareable link you can customize and post anywhere. This link points to a "humanity-test" and captcha protected scr.im page that reveals your real email address. Scr.im claims that the test is immune against automated scripts and spambots.

To be clear, it's not a shortened version of your email address - it's a URL that goes to a scr.im page that displays your email address. Since it's a web address, people can't email you using your scr.im link, they will still need your actual email address.

According to scr.im's "About" page, it was developed because it was fun to do and the site owner, @Basem_A, needed to share an email via Twitter. Seeing that that was a spambot risk, scr.im was born instead.


But still, sharing your main personal email address to scr.im's database may still not be the best security practice. We do recommend creating alternate email addresses for public purposes then obscure it with scr.im to protect it from spambots.

In case you change your mind, they do provide a way to delete your specific scr.im URL. Head on to the site's Frequently Asked Questions page for details.

Ready to scr.im? Click on the Cool Site link provided below!

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