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Skip the doctor's office for basic checkups and prescriptions

Skip the doctor's office for basic checkups and prescriptions
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Being sick is the absolute worst. And when you're sick, sometimes it's all you can do to drag yourself out of bed and into the doctor's office. Then when you get there, you have the bright lights, the cold air, other people coughing all around you, and you've got a long line to wait in to top it off. It could make your sickness seem all that much worse and make you that much more miserable.

Or, maybe you have a common problem, but don't think it's worth going into the office for. Wouldn't it be better if the doctor came to you like in the good old days? Now they can, all thanks to a new site and its companion app that lets you have a video visit with a doctor from the comfort of your own home.

With the Doctor on Demand site and app, you can have a video call with a real, certified doctor near you. Keep in mind that the doctor can't complete a full checkup on you without seeing you in person, but these doctors can help you if you have a cold, flu, sore throat, UTIs, rashes and other skin issues, diarrhea and vomiting, eye issues, sports injures, travel illness and smoking cessation. It's also a useful tool to have if you're a new parent and want quick advice.

Doctor on Demand can also help with other general questions, such as "Should I go to the doctor for this?" as well as other mental and emotional health questions. The doctors within the Doctor on Demand network can help you get refills on your prescriptions, too.

But there's something else unique about Doctor on Demand that you'll love.

What sets Doctor on Demand apart from other doctor-finding apps is a new program dedicated just to mental health care that connects you with a psychologist. Now, you have a comfortable place where you can talk about your issues concerning stress, anxiety, life changes, loss and much more. In fact, you might have recently seen this feature discussed on the Dr. Phil show.

General visits are $40, which is around the price of a copay and less than the cost of an ER visit. Meanwhile, a session with a psychologist will run $50 for a 25-minute session and $95 for a 50-minute session.

Watch the video below for more details:

What do you think? Will you use the Doctor on Demand app? Let me know your opinions by posting in the comments below.

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