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Get ready to vote with the help of these sites

Get ready to vote with the help of these sites
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This year is a big one for politics. In 2016 we're having a pretty important presidential election and, as an American, you want to make sure your voice is heard. In order to do that, you have to vote. After all, it's your right as an American.

The trouble is, not everyone knows where to start. First, you have to make sure you're registered and find your polling place. Then, perhaps the trickiest part of all, you'll need to learn about the important issues on the ballot, learn about the candidates, where they stand, then you need to decide who to vote for. There's wide range of issues and a long list of candidates that could make anyone's head spin.

Luckily, we are here to help and doing the research has never been easier. We've gathered a handful of resources that can help you get everything you need to get ready for the election on November 8th. From registering, finding your polling place and even educating yourself on the candidates and issues, here's our list of resources you'll want before you hit the polls.

Register to vote

First and foremost, before you can vote you need to be registered. Whether it's in-person or absentee, USA.gov is the place to start. Here you can register, apply for an absentee ballot and more. Next, you'll need to find your polling place, which you can do with the Voting Information Project, or you can try the extremely similar site, Vote411 to register and find your local polling place.

Who to vote for?

A good place to educate yourself on presidential candidates and the important issues is with the Crowdpac site. It bills itself as "the definitive resource for objective data on US political candidates" and has fun and easy-to-navigate models that can show you which candidates align with your beliefs.

Another good resource to check out is the brand new Political TV Ad Archive from the Internet Archive. The program tracks political ad campaigns and lets you watch video of every ad aired, get information on where and when the ads aired, who paid for them, and who was the target of most ads. This way, reporters will have the ability to "stop the spin cycle" and provide voters with otherwise missing information, such as "which ads contain the most egregious truth stretching or full-on lies."

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