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Sites to help you find your new career

Sites to help you find your new career
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Finding a new job can really be a huge task, and getting a new career is an even bigger one. You might need to go back to school or take a course or get a certification. You'll definitely need to polish up your resume and do a lot of research before you make any life-changing decisions.

Komando.com has countless resources for resume help, finding job listings and how to make money at home, but today's list of cool sites will help you decide if a career move is right for you.

First up, should you quit the job you're at now?

Should I Quit My Job?

A hard, bad or otherwise stressful day at work can leave you feeling beat up physically and emotionally. It can leave you asking yourself important questions and it's completely normal to ask yourself if the stress is worth the paycheck.

Before you get so frustrated and just walk out or tell your boss to "shove it," you'll need to think about things and decide if you'll be OK if you quit. These things include whether or not you have enough money to keep you afloat for six months, if your skills are in high demand, and if you believe in the core values of your company or not.

Depending on all the factors, you still might not know what to do. That's where this site comes into play. It's called "Should I Quit My Job?" and it will talk some sense into you.

The quiz has 25 different questions to answer, with your choices ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. When you're all done, the site will give you some advice - stay, go, or look for another job before quitting.


Finding a new job can sometimes feel like full-time work. But what if you don't want just another job, you want a new career? Where do you start? Well, before you can make any crazy career decisions, you'll want to check out My Next Move.

This site has three main components to help you get started in your search for a new career. You can search for careers with keywords, browse by industry or simply tell My Next Move what you like to do and you'll get a profile of your interests to help you decide your next move.

If you're searching by industry or keywords, you'll see what skills you need to be in that field, the general salaries, how much education you need, what technology you will need to know how to use, the job outlook (how many new opportunities are projected) and other areas you might want to explore.

MySkills MyFuture

Are you tired of your dead-end job? Maybe the work bores you, maybe you're not being challenged, or maybe you don't make enough money. When it comes time to shift gears and get a new career, the MySkills MyFuture site can help.

MySkills MyFuture wants to help you "build a bridge to your new career." All you need to do is tell it what jobs you've help in the past and the site will search for careers that use or require your skill sets. Sift through the options, get clicking, and learn more about different fields that interest you.

You'll see job listings, average salaries, what level of education, certifications and licensing is required, and you can compare all of that information with your current situation.

If you want even more information or need more resources, you can check out MySkills MyFuture's parent site Career One Stop, which is sponsored by the Department of Labor.

Here, there are special sections for veterans, entry-level workers, those with disabilities, students, those who have been laid off and older workers. You can also get connected with training programs and certification classes, and much more.

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Should I Quit My Job? Take the quiz and find out
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Should I Quit My Job? Take the quiz and find out

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