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Easily compare cellphones and cellular plans

Picking a new cellphone and cellular plan is becoming as stressful as buying a new car. You're looking at spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on your needs, and nothing about the process is easy.

Carriers bombard you with confusing terms, fees and upgrade paths. When you're trying to compare plans across carriers, it gets even worse. And then you have to decide what phone you want. Fortunately, there's a site that can help.

WhistleOut boasts the ability to search 239,000 cellular plan combinations. Just enter some information and the site comes up with the best plans for you, including current deals.

To get started, select the number of lines you want, and then for each line select the phone you want and your ideal usage. When you're selecting a phone, you can choose from more than 160 current options, or you can choose to use your existing phone. If you say you already have a phone, you can give specifics on it to make sure whistleOut only shows networks that work with it.

Once you have your phone and line information in, you can select what network you want to use, or have it show all the carriers. You can also select which carrier you're currently using so it can factor in termination fees.

When you're ready hit the "Search Cell Plans" button to see the results from practically every carrier in the country. You can sort or filter the list further. For example, you can look only for no-contract options, deals for families, what kind of phone financing you need, if the site can swap in similar phones to find you a better deal and more. If you go into the advance filter options, you can also set your target phone or plan prices and other options.

To make things easier, whistleOut also has preset searches such as iPhone 6s Plans, No Contract Plans, or instructions on how to find the best Family Plan using the search system. It also includes guides to help you make more advanced decisions or explain trickier terms or tactics you can use to save money. It also features smartphone reviews and has a section dedicated to buying tablets.

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