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Make money watching TV, browsing and other daily activities

The upcoming holiday season is a special time for a lot of people. Whether it's spiritual reflection, reconnecting with friends and family, eating fantastic food or saving big during huge shopping sales, there's something for everyone.

Unfortunately, after the season ends, bills for travel, gift buying and other expenses start to roll in. Wouldn't it be nice to easily make some extra money to cover them, or just earn extra money throughout the year? You can.

Sign up to be a Panelist with our sponsor Media Insider, and do what you normally do every day: watch TV, use your smartphone, and browse the Internet. You'll earn weekly rewards and points that are redeemable for cash and a wide variety of gift cards for retail stores and restaurants. Occasional surveys will give you the opportunity to earn even more rewards.

Media Insider's process is simple. Just register at the link below, and if you're approved you can install the cutting-edge Media Insiders Mobile app on your Android or Apple smartphone. Then run the app daily to get your rewards.

What does the app do?

When enabled, the MI Mobile app identifies the TV shows and ads you're watching, and keeps tabs on what you do on social media, where you browse, and the videos and ads you see online. Don't worry, though, because you're always in control. You can turn it off at any time.

The information on how you use media is combined with media information from thousands of other panelists and is used to gauge overall trends in social media, TV watching and how people use their mobile gadgets.

If you want to start earning rewards, click the blue link below and fill out the registration page to get started.

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