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Fun, free lesson plans for teachers

Fun, free lesson plans for teachers
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From math to reading, science and more, this Cool Sites brings fun, relevant lesson plans to teachers. And the best part is that it is totally free.

Not only does this site host over 4,000 lessons plans, it's also a forum for educators to share their opinions and ideas. You can expand your professional network and work together to help the students of the world get the most out of learning.

HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page (LPP) is the cool free site that had thousands of lesson plans available for teachers on a wide variety of subjects, for all grade levels.

These lesson plans have been tried, tested and proven in classrooms all around world. So you'll know that your students will be getting the best possible education.

There are lesson plans for primary and secondary school that are written up and ready to use in your classroom. College students getting their degree in education can also use LPP to base their own assignments and lesson plans off of.

Even if you home school your children, you can take advantage of these interactive and informative lesson plans at home and get inspiration for your own educational activities.

If you're feeling especially motivated, you can always upload your own lesson plans to the LPP database. Just include the grade level and pick the category it falls under then you can start to enter your own plan and share it with thousands of other educators around the world.

So, click on the big blue link below to visit Lesson Plans Page and start browsing through thousands of free lesson plans.

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