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How to delete unwanted online accounts

Are you suffering from digital overload? Keeping up with all the emails, tweets, Facebook posts, news updates and notifications can make your head spin - especially if those notifications are from unwanted accounts. It's also good idea to get rid of these accounts to protect your personal data.

You can delete your unwanted accounts, but that's not always the easiest thing to do. Certain sites like Craigslist and Evernote make it impossible to erase it from your digital life. Other sites hide their delete links deep within the site, meaning you have to dig pretty deep to find it.

That's where JustDelete.Me comes in. The site has a directory of links to get rid of more than 130 various accounts.

Sites are color-coded by difficulty. Green is easy, red is hard, and black is impossible. Click on the top name is the colored box to be redirected to the section of that site that lets you delete your account.

If you need to remove yourself from a "hard" or "impossible" site, click on Show Info. There you will see specific instructions on how to get yourself removed.

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