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Send a fax for free - no fax machine needed!

Send a fax for free - no fax machine needed!
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According to Forbes, NECCO, the company famous for its Valentine's Day heart-shaped candies, unofficially declared the fax machine a tech dinosaur in 2013 when it replaced the phrase "Fax Me" with "Text Me."

While the fax machine is slowly being phased out, there are still plenty of businesses that use it. People in the legal, finance and medical industries still rely on fax machines for essential documents. It's also used by marketers to help get their message across in an increasingly digital world, where their emails can be deleted with one simple click.

That's all great for doctors, lawyers and business executives who send faxes, but what about the rest of us? Not everyone has access to a fax machine.

Whatever your reason is to send a fax, don't be caught trying to make it to Kinko's before closing time! If you don't have a fax machine, I have good news!

Try FaxZero. With this handy site, you can send a fax right from your computer without the added trip or hassle of fighting with a squirrely fax machine.

FaxZero allows you to send faxes completely free from your computer. You can attach up to three documents, with a total fax limit of three pages, including the cover page. There will be an ad on the cover page.

You can send up to five free faxes a day, and FaxZero allows you to use them for both business and personal affairs. If you have more questions about the use of FaxZero, you can always double check the Terms of Use located at the bottom of the page.

To use FaxZero, enter in the sender information on the green side and the receiver information on the blue side. Attach the pages you need and enter information into the text box.

This information will appear on the cover page, or you can select one of your attached pages to be the cover page. When you've entered in all of the necessary information, click the gray button at the bottom of the green section.

If you need to send more than three pages, FaxZero also offers to send up to 25 pages for $1.99.

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