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5 secrets to find deals on

Shopping on Amazon the right way is more than clicking items and loading up your cart. Once you learn a few tricks, you’ll find...
Columns December 3, 2016

5 unexpected ways your tablet can make your life easier

Here's the scenario: You open that rectangular present sitting under the Christmas tree. One whiff of that new tablet smell and you know it’s...
Columns November 28, 2016

Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cellphone

You can stop robocalls and junk text messages from hitting your cellphone. Here are proven ways to get it done.
Columns November 26, 2016

Keeping your secrets safe on Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix

When a relationship gets serious, we start to share more of our lives. Inevitably, we start sharing each other’s technology and even our passwords....
Columns November 12, 2016

How to turn up the dialogue on your TV

Finding the right volume while watching a movie can be tricky. You turn the volume up so you can hear what the characters are...
Columns November 5, 2016

7 things you should never do online

We all have bad habits, like biting our nails or drinking straight from the milk carton. While it's bad form, it won't steal your...
Columns October 29, 2016

Massive Attack: One thing your router needs now to keep hackers out

The recent massive cyber attack will happen again. And next time, it could much worse. Do this one thing with your router to keep...
Columns October 22, 2016

Hidden Costs of New Car 'Infotainment' Systems

These days, a new car is basically a computer with wheels. Trunks open automatically. Rear cameras help you reverse out of parking spaces. Sealed...
Columns October 22, 2016

3 Facebook Messenger tricks you'll love

Odds are, your friends and family are already hanging out on Facebook. That's why it makes perfect sense to use Facebook Messenger to communicate...
Columns October 15, 2016

Facebook Live: How to broadcast like a pro

Taking selfies is out. Live-stream is the new way to express yourself and show the world what’s going on in your life. Using a...
Columns October 8, 2016
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