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7 clever tricks that make your iPhone or iPad easier to use

Most iPhone and iPad users know that their gadgets will recharge about 25 percent faster if they put them in Airplane Mode and plug them into a wall outlet. But many don’t know the simple way to snap a photo: From the lock screen, swipe up on the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, and the camera is ready to take the shot.

That’s the thing about gadgets. You need to play around to learn how to truly use them and to personalize them to your liking. Here are seven clever settings that will make using your iPhone or iPad more enjoyable. (If you’re an Android user, click here for 5 Android tricks you will love.)

1. Make text bigger and bolder

Despite the iPhone’s large screen size and the iPad's larger displays, it's not always easy to read the tiny print on websites and menus. Fortunately, you can make your Apple display easier to read.

If you'd like to make your text bigger, and bolder, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility.

To bold the text, tap on the Bold Text button.

To make the text bigger, tap Larger Text >> Larger Accessibility Sizes and move the slider to adjust the size of the font.

2. Zoom in for bigger text

There's another trick for making text bigger. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Zoom.

Use three fingers to double tap on the screen to zoom in and out of applications like Mail, Safari and your Home and Lock screens. Try it with other apps, too. Do this in Instagram, for example, to zoom in on a photo.

By the way, to zoom in while watching videos, just pinch in and out with two fingers, like you do with photos.

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