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3 ways to add Bluetooth to your older car

2. Standalone Bluetooth Systems

Another good way to add Bluetooth to any car is with standalone Bluetooth speaker systems. These units have built-in speakers and microphones and they work separately from your car audio system.

These units come with suction mounts for the windshield and clips for the car visor so you can position them any way you please inside your car. Since they're standalone units, you can even move them from car to car.


Most standalone units, like the Solar Bluetooth Car Speakerphone we sell in the Komando Shop, even support contact lists, one-touch dialing and hands-free operation. Oh, and apart from USB charging, this particular unit can be charged via its built-in solar panel.

If you don't mind not connecting to your car's audio system speakers, a standalone Bluetooth unit may be the one for you.

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