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Best e-readers for your digital devices

Do you wear prescription reading glasses? If you do, can you recall how much time you spend staring at a digital screen and how often you felt eye fatigued after a while?

You can argue that you can always turn the brightness down on your gadgets or turn on “Night Mode” but the problem is that we’re always juggling between multiple gadgets all the time. Night Mode is also inconsistent and may not be sufficiently filtering out the harmful light that bombards our eyes constantly.

If you’re like most people you probably use at least one digital device daily. In fact, numbers show that more than 90 percent of people aged between 20 and 65 are using multiple screens – a computer, smartphone, television, or tablet, for up to 10 hours or more a day.

And get this, 64 percent of people even use digital devices for four or more hours daily. That’s definitely a lot of digital screen exposure!

What are the consequences of this increasing digital gadget usage? More than 65 percent of Americans have had symptoms of digital eye strain, including neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, dry and itchy eyes, and blurred vision.

It’s a growing epidemic and luckily, short of unplugging completely, there’s a simple remedy to save yourself the headache.

Foster Grant’s e.Readers

Thankfully, Foster Grant, the popular maker of fashionable eyewear, may just have the answer to protect your eyes from the potentially devastating effects of this particularly harmful light spectrum caused by our digital lifestyles!

I’ve been using my own pair for a while now and I’ll tell you what I truly like about my Foster Grant e.Readers.

Design and build quality

My particular Foster Grant e.Readers’ frame, the Sheila, is light, comfortable and stylish. I use digital gadgets constantly and my Sheila e.Readers are perfect for extended use.

As you can imagine, like most people, if I’m always on my smartphone, tablet or computer and having comfortable but dependable reading glasses is a must to prevent eye fatigue and strain. I can use my Foster Grant Sheila e.Readers for hours and hours without a hint of discomfort.

And it’s not just about the Sheila frame – you’ll be pleased to know that Foster Grant’s e.Readers are available in an assortment of high quality, fashionable frames. They’re stylish enough that people around you won’t even notice that you’re already proactively protecting yourself from digital eyestrain!

Each pair of Foster Grant e.Readers also come with its own protective case so you can just stow in your purse or briefcase, ready to use anytime.

Blue Filter

What sets Foster Grant e.Readers apart from regular reading glasses is its built-in filter against the harmful blue light transmission emanating from digital screens.

Upon wearing e.Readers, you’ll notice the difference right away. Digital screens look warmer, sharper and with surprisingly better contrast. I can actually stare at a screen for long stretches without feeling eye fatigued or worse, getting a headache. You know what this means – more productivity!

Why is the e.Readers’ blue filter so crucial to our health? Well, studies show that this blue light spectrum, common in electronic screens, reaches deeper into the eye and can actually cause damage to our retinas, disrupt our sleeping patterns and even cause serious eye diseases and various physical ailments!

Using an advanced design with a patented scratch-resistant lens coating technology, Foster Grant e.Readers block approximately 30 percent of potentially harmful blue light in the 415-455 nanometer range of the visible light spectrum. This reduces screen glare, improves contrast and helps fight the effects of digital eye strain.

If you wear reading glasses and you’re constantly on your smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop, I can attest that Foster Grant e.Readers’ kind of eye protection is extremely vital.


Foster Grant e.Readers come in various levels of magnification – 1x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 2.5x and 2.75x, depending on your needs. (Not sure about your optimal magnification level? Consult your eye doctor for recommendations.)

With today’s high-definition displays, sometimes text on our smartphones, tablets and electronic book readers can be so tiny and coupled with our eyesight’s natural aging process, focusing on the tiniest details can be a challenge.

Note: If you don’t need reading glasses, you can get Foster Grant’s non-prescription Computer Glasses and get the same blue light protection.

Thankfully, Foster Grant’s e.Readers will not only help you see those digital details sharper and clearer than ever, they will also protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of digital screens. It’s like having two visual benefits for the price of one!

So do your eyes a favor, with your modern digital lifestyle, I can’t recommend Foster Grant’s e.Readers enough. Our eyes are still the windows to our increasingly digital world, make sure you’re protecting them with a pair of  Foster Grant e.Readers! Because you read it here, you can get 20% off today!

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