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The best accessories for your new Apple gadget

If you opened up an Apple gift this holiday season, you’re probably thrilled about all the things you can do with your new toy. Apple products enjoy an expansive ecosystem of hardware and software that blend seamlessly to the delight of users.

That said, there are a range of accessories you can pick up for your device that will enhance your experience. Whether or not you’re a pro with Apple gadgets, items like wireless chargers and AirPods show off the full capabilities of your devices. Tap or click to see what’s new with the AirPods.

In honor of those of you with new Apple gadgets fresh from Santa’s workshop, we’ve put together a list of the top Apple accessories you can buy. These items will perfectly compliment your devices and will show those around you exactly why Apple fans are so dedicated to the brand.

Protect your new phone from drops with these colorful cases

New iPhones are gorgeous, but that won’t last forever on a device you use daily. That’s why cases are so common, but a good case will feature drop protection and clearance from the screen to protect it from cracks.

This Candyshell case from Speck delivers this protection in spades, and features a rubberized grip so the phone won’t slip out of your hand. Plus, it comes in tons of cool colors.

The ultimate Apple accessory for music and movie fans

Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or iPad, everyone can agree that Apple’s AirPods are among the best accessories you can buy.

These truly wireless rechargeable buds deliver high-quality sound and intuitive tricks like auto-pausing when you remove an earbud. It’s also on sale below retail price, so they’re now more affordable than ever.

Perfect for jogs, weightlifting, and more

As cool as the AirPods are, their design and shape isn’t for everyone. That’s where the Beats X headphones come in — delivering a fully wireless listening experience that’s perfect for the active among us.

The buds’ design keeps them from falling out of your ears, and the wireless technology inside is the same you’ll find in Apple’s AirPods. They’re even a bit cheaper than the AirPods to boot!

Turn your iPad into a laptop

Many people have turned to the iPad as a replacement for their aging PC. But one thing that stops the tablet from totally supplanting these desktops is a lack of keyboard. As good as the virtual one on the device is, nothing beats the real thing.

That’s why Apple’s Smart Keyboard accessory is so excellent. Users can enjoy tactile feedback from this sleek case that magnetically attaches to your tablet. What’s more, it doesn’t even need to be charged, thanks to the iPad’s accessory port.

Treat your iPad right with this comfortable case

Even if you have the Smart Keyboard, you’ll still want a protective case to transport your iPad to wherever you’re going. That’s why this excellent soft case from AmazonBasics is a great choice for iPad owners. It features a lined interior that won’t scratch your device, and at 10 inches, will fit wherever you need to put in it.

Hit the road with your new iPhone

One of the joys of owning a smartphone is using it for tunes and more in your car. But it’s dangerous to look at your phone while driving (and illegal in some states). To protect yourself, you’ll want to get your hands on this iOttie Easy One Touch car mount for iPhones.

It suctions directly to your windshield or dashboard to add your phone directly to your center console. Now, your favorite songs and more are right at your fingertips — and you won’t have to take your eyes off the road.

Never run out of juice on your device again

New phones and tablets have stronger batteries than ever, but they’ll still die after prolonged use. If you come prepared with a portable battery pack, though, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

This Portable Charger Power Bank lets you store electricity for your gadgets whenever you need it most, and can simultaneously charge two devices at once!

Bring Alexa into your car with Echo Auto

You might not know it, but Alexa works great on the iPhone and iPad. And now, you can bring her with you on road trips as well with the help of Amazon’s Echo Auto.

It’s a perfect way to interact with your phone without touching it, and makes managing music and driving even easier. Just download the Alexa app, install the Echo Auto and hit the road with your favorite virtual assistant.

RIP Apple AirPower mat. You shall be avenged!

Remember the AirPower mat? Apple pledged this device would let you charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

Well, it was cancelled due to technical issues, but famed accessory maker Mophie has picked up the torch to release a handy wireless charger that does what Apple couldn’t. The 3-in-1 wireless charge pad is a true game-changer for owners of multiple Apple devices.

Have some family fun with this wireless remote controlled Star Wars droid

iPads and iPhones are like tiny computers. This makes them perfectly suited to control other gadgets like drones and RC cars. But how about robots?

Well, thanks to Disney and famed robot-designer Sphero, you can bring home the magic of the Star Wars universe with these wireless Droids that really roll upright, just like in the movies. It’s fun for the whole family.

BONUS: The best Apple accessory ever

Ever feel like the future is coming too fast? Maybe those shiny new AirPods are looking a bit too intimidating. Well, now you can turn back time with these “handy” clip-on cables that turn your AirPods into ordinary wired headphones. Yay?

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