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7 things Kim buys again and again: Go-to energy supplement, Abby’s favorites, best notebook

Presented by SuperBeets - Support your heart health with SuperBeets Heart Chews.

Presented by SuperBeets - Support your heart health with SuperBeets Heart Chews.

Get a free 30-day supply with your first purchase at

When I travel abroad, I’m always struck by how few options you see in grocery stores. Here in the U.S., we have entire aisles dedicated to cereals, chips, ice creams and more. We’re spoiled for choice — but sometimes those choices can overwhelm us.

If you have ever struggled to decide what to buy, I’ve got your back. Over the years, I’ve tested tons of items, from dog treats to tooth whiteners. A few products emerged supreme.

They’ve helped me out, time and time again. Now, I want them to help you, too. Without further ado, here are some of my most-used products of all time. Check them out!

1. My favorite snack keeps my heart healthy

If you walk into my desk, you’ll notice the snack bag I always keep nearby.

I love my sponsor’s SuperBeets Heart Chews because they give you all the fabulous healthy heart benefits of eating beets, but without the hassle of juicing. I eat two of these bad boys a day. They’re just as delicious as candy, but unlike candy, they’re actually good for you.

They combine non-GMO beets with grapeseed extract, which is clinically shown to be twice as effective at supporting normal blood pressure as a healthy lifestyle alone. And better blood pressure means more energy — without the jittery caffeine or stimulants.

Do what I did and support your heart health with delicious SuperBeets chews! Get a free 30-day supply with your first purchase at

My team was in the middle of a video call. I snapped a picture to prove I had my SuperBeets Chews with me.

2. Is your pooch a picky eater? Try this dinner topping

It’s hard to feed a fussy dog. You set down their dinner, and after one sniff, they strut away in disgust. Maybe you have thrown away rejected dog food in the past, wasting all the money you spent on kibble.

Before you throw away any more chow, sprinkle some of Stella & Chewy’s Magical Dinner Dust over the kibble. As the many 5-star reviews on Amazon attest, this freeze-dried raw dinner topping is a gamechanger. It can persuade even the pickiest of eaters to give their dinner a go.

3. Help your pooch take their pills

For humans, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. But dogs need a bit of extra help. They might balk at the hard, chalky pills you try to feed them.

That’s why I cloak my dog’s pills in these chicken-flavored dog treats. She loves them, and I bet your four-legged friend will, too.

4. Stay hydrated

I don’t know about you, but I live in a few different hot climates. From Hawaii to California, the places I visit tend to have sky-high temperatures. Sometimes, they can even seem scorching.

When the sun is sizzling at your back, it’s easy to get dehydrated. That’s why I add these tasty powder packets to my drinks. They multiply your hydration, which is a fancy way of saying it delivers hydration to your bloodstream faster than water alone. In other words, it does a ton of good for your system.

Basically, when your body is too hot and you’re sweating bullets, you need hydration ASAP. These packets do the trick way faster than a water bottle alone. They have been a lifesaver many times over.

5. Sleep well with melatonin pills

When you’re a busy bee, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. At least it was until I got my paws on these melatonin sleeping pills. These are designed with an extended-release feature. That means the melatonin slowly releases over six hours to help you fall asleep — and stay asleep!

I love melatonin because it’s not addictive. Taking standard sleeping pills can be a risk, but melatonin isn’t habit-forming. They’re safe, healthy and great for my sleep schedule.

6. Stop hiding your smile

We all want a dazzling smile. When you spend as much time on camera as I do, a bright smile is especially important. I keep my teeth pearly white with the Supersmile Professional Teeth Whitening System.

This mint-flavored package can whiten your teeth by six shades. It comes with two items: a toothpaste and an accelerator. You have to squeeze both on a dry toothpaste and brush twice a day to see results. I have seen my own smile lighten before my own eyes. I hope it can light up your smile, too!

7. Journal in this chic notebook

Although there are a ton of great organization apps out there, sometimes you want to set the phone down and put pen to paper. When I want to stop staring at screens, I whip out a journal and start writing.

This dotted notebook gets the job done. It’s sophisticated, easy to use and lays nice and flat when you write.

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