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Product Review and Buyer's Guide: Creative iRoar Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless speakers often sacrifice power because of their design. However, this speaker’s power puts its competitors to shame. This is our Product Review and Buyer’s Guide for the Creative iRoar Bluetooth speaker.

The iRoar looks like a brick and at 2.5 lbs it feels like one too. But it has a sleek black body with a nice copper trim. The speaker has five drivers: two for the highs, two for the bass, and one for the mids and bass. On the back there are USB ports, a 3.5 mm jack, a microSD slot and optical audio inputs.

Connecting with Bluetooth is a breeze, and you’ll get about 20 hours of use. Two iRoars can be connected to each other for left and right stereo audio. There’s also a connector for a separate subwoofer called the iRoar Rock. When the Rock is connected or two speakers are being used, the iRoar automatically reconfigures itself so the sound isn’t distorted.

The iRoar has a smartphone app that can be used to pick from one of six preset profiles or create your own. Even without a profile selected, the iRoar delivers a full, rich sound. The app can also be used to add software such as an alarm clock or a metronome. Creative also opened the software to third-party developers to increase the available add-ons.

The drawback of this speaker is portability. You can move it around no problem and use it in various settings, but there aren’t any weather resistant features. As with most electronics, if you don’t drop it and don’t get it wet, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The iRoar costs a whopping $369.99. However, no other portable speaker at this size will deliver the same sound quality and power. If you’re looking for more power from a speaker, you’re going to need wires and a bigger speaker.

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