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Product Review and Buyer’s Guide: iPhone 6s and Plus

Sticking to the formula, a year after the iPhone 6 release, Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit the shelves. Is the “S” enough of an improvement from the iPhone 6 for you to spend your hard earned money? We’ll help you decide.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the same size as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively, and the displays have the same high-def resolution, so they won’t look any different. But Apple did make some changes. There’s a rose gold color option and Siri is now hands free. Just say, “Hey Siri,” to activate the assistant.

The camera, which has always been the focal point of the phone, was dramatically improved. The rear camera jumped to 12 megapixels, which is enough resolution for 20-by-30-inch prints. And you can now capture video in 4K, the highest definition possible. The front camera goes from 1.2 megapixels to five and includes a front flash. Live-Photos gives you the chance to capture the second before and after the picture you want to take, or as Apple puts it: "unforgettable living memories."

The biggest upgrade is 3D Touch. The feature allows you to use your phone in different ways depending on how much pressure you apply to the screen. It’s how you activate live photos and you can even “peek” into apps.

As with the iPhone 6, there are three memory options: 16, 64 and 128 gigs. However, the additional memory needed to store 4K video and live photos renders the 16-gig version useless. And if you want to keep the highest resolution turned on, even the 64-gig might not be enough.

With the iPhone 6s, the pros and cons go hand-in-hand. The camera got a much-needed update, but the higher quality pictures and videos raise the price you’ll need to pay. “Peeking” into apps is an interesting concept, but there aren’t enough apps that have been optimized for 3D touch. It was just a gimmick to sell the phone and the Live-Photos feature. Apple released two phones that should’ve been one right from the beginning. If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, the iPhone 6s is going to be worth it. If you already have the iPhone 6, wait. Apple is rumored to announce the iPhone 7 in June. Based on past iPhones, that would give it a September release.

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Review and Buyer’s Guide: iPhone 6 and Plus
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Review and Buyer’s Guide: iPhone 6 and Plus

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